FBI Urges Public to Reboot Home Routers Amid Malware Attack

Foreign cybercriminals are using VPNFilter malware to collect people's data, exploit devices Thomson Reuters · Posted: May 28, 2018 11:46 AM ET | Last Updated: May 28 The FBI says the VPNFilter malware is capable of rendering peoples' routers 'inoperable.' (Andrew Sorensen/Flickr) The FBI warned on Friday that Russian computer hackers had compromised hundreds of thousands of home and office routers and could collect user information or shut down network traffic. The U.S. law enforcement agency urged the owners of many brands of routers to turn them off and on again and download updates from the manufacturer to protect themselves. The warning followed a court order Wednesday that allowed the

HTC Exodus to Be ‘World’s First Native Blockchain Phone’

Smartphone manufacturer HTC is taking a major leap into the cryptocurrency ecosystem and wider blockchain industry. The Taiwanese firm on Tuesday unveiled the “HTC Exodus,” which it describes as the “world’s first native blockchain phone.” The Android-powered phone will be tailor-made to provide support for decentralized applications (DApps) like CryptoKitties, and it will feature a secure hardware enclave to provide users with access to a universal cryptocurrency wallet that is native to the device. The phone will be compatible with multiple protocols and will also support interoperability. The device will be developed under the leadership of Phil Chen, who helped create HTC’s virtual reali

What happens when a form of Currency is not Tied to any Asset?

What happens when a form of currency is not tied to any asset or isn’t in limited in supply? It loses its value. Case in point the USD. Cryptocurrency is no different! There are over 3000+ cryptocurrency globally in the same situation. Be careful what you buy. M8TRIX5 will be offering Cryptocurrency and blockchain Technology info sessions starting next week. Stay tune for dates and time. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is wealth. M8TRIX5 is your solution.

Why Everyone Deserves the Most Advanced Security and Smart Home Panel

Technology should be simple... Technology should be beautiful... This—is the IQ Panel. The IQ Panel's easy enough for anyone to use no matter how old you are. The IQ Panel keeps you connected to the things that matter most to you like your home and your family, sending disarmed photos to your smartphone, so you'll know when they arrive. With Bluetooth Touch-less Disarming, you can leave your phone in your pocket as you come home, and the IQ Panel securely authenticates you, preparing your home for your arrival. And when you leave again, the IQ Panel knows you're gone and will lock your doors, arm your security system, close your garage door, adjust your thermostat, and turn off your lights,

M8trix5 Launches the M85 Token in May 2018!

​Blockchain has slowly but surely been waking up from its slumber since 2009, but that’s about to change as M8trix5 is counting down the days now to ​something very exciting for our community! ​​Blockchain boggles many of us but excites the rest of us. M8trix5 is part of the latter. They see ​the near endless possibilities of ​Blockchain​ applications and refuse to let such an opportunity pass them by. With that said, M8trix5​,​ ​using our Private ​S​ecure ​N​etwork​ (PSE) ​​is ​yet again giving our retailers the tools to not only succeed but to dominate! ​The first step is we are launching ​our very own token​ on our PSE May 2018. ​This adding​,​​ yet again, ​​​to their list of already ​in

Meet TOBi - M8TRIX5 Artificial Intelligence

After many years of research and development—It's finally here! Meet TOBi: M8TRIX5 Artificial Intelligence. TOBi is designed for one purpose: To help businesses increase revenue. TOBi works 24/7 365 days a year! Ready to increase your revenue without having to spend a lot on human resources? Leverage our proprietary M85-Ai Technology and put TOBi to work for you. Contact us today before your competitors do. Ph 778-383-3066 / cs@m8trix5.com

M8trix5 Shakes Hands with Blackberry

M8trix5 has shook many hands, and now they are utilizing the universal teamwork principle once more as they shake hands with Blackberry to provide top-of-the-line corporate network security for their clients. M8trix5, developing since the 21st century, is not only working hard but also working smart by partnering up with the enterprise software and services giant, founded in 1985. From Blackberry’s perspective, they’re reaching not so far down and pulling up M8trix5 to enjoy the same view of success as them—and together, they will reach even greater heights! Teamwork is M8trix5’s not-so-well-kept secret to success, from in-house to their network of strategic partners i.e. Global Payments, AD

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