Ever wonder how retirement will affect you?

Join us for our 2 part meetup where we will discuss financial planning and real estate investing. In part 1 we will take a look at the "New Retirement Realities" and some important aspects of financial planning that every Canadian should consider. Light Dinner will be served. Special Guest Speaker: Mr. Russell Shepherd, Associate Vice President | CI Investments Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm November 6th 2017 (Monday) Location: Westwood Plateau Golf & Country Club Address: 3251 Plateau Blvd, Coquitlam, BC V3E 3B8 This meetup is made possible by Daniel Tu (Financial Advisor | Edward Jones), M8TRIX5 Group of companies (www.m8trix5.com), Westwood Plateau Golf & Country Club and Sponsored in part by CI I

Phase 1 Complete - Project Bri-Fi > Connecting Communities and Businesses

The M8TRIX5 Public WiFi Cloverdale (AKA Project Bri-Fi) will connect the local community and businesses on 176th Street Cloverdale. This initiative will help support the development of small to medium size enterprises and start-ups in the area. M8TRIX5 Public WiFi will enable businesses to advertise and showcase ​their products and services to people that use the Free Public WiFi platform. ​M8trix5 who is providing this digital advertising space​:​ ​offers ​businesses a greater opportunity to attract consumers in the area into their establishment. The Founder, Dan Nou said: "​The public can access our FREE Public WiFi to save on their cell data consumption and at the same time can see wha

M8TRIX5 Networking Mondays + What you need to know to start and maintain a successful business.

Whether you're planning to start a business or currently have one. There are certain things you need to know to ensure a successful start and ongoing success of your business. However, many un-experienced business owners are not aware of these simple things. Join us for Networking Mondays where we'll discuss: 1> What you need to know to start a successful business 2> How to maintain ongoing success and growth in your business Please Welcome Guest Speaker Steve Rasid "I was raised by two very different parents who blessed me with the best of both worlds. On one hand, I am a gifted healer with a humanitarian mindset approaching life with gratitude, joy and a strong belief in possibilities. On

Why you should invest in technology.

Here one good reason why our founder invest in technology and why you should too. Because its taking over the world and people are losing their jobs because of it. This shoppers drug mart use to have 6 check out lanes operated by staff. Now it has 3 and 6 self serve check out stands as shown here. Invest in technology and gain from it or fall victim to it. Agree or disagree it’s a fact! To learn more about how you to can invest in technology visit www.m8trix5.com

A major security flaw could put any WiFi-connected device at risk.

A vulnerability in the WPA2 protocol, which secures WiFi networks, exposes “just about every router, smartphone and PC out there” to hackers who can steal credit card numbers, passwords, emails or other forms of sensitive data. Belgian researcher Mathy Vanhoef discovered the flaws, called Key Reinstallation Attacks (“Krack Attacks”), and says it could be particularly damaging for a certain Linux version and devices using Android 6.0 and above — half the Android devices in circulation. A silver lining: Hackers have to be within close physical proximity to take advantage of the vulnerability. Vanhoef says you don’t need to change your WiFi password, but do make sure your devices and routers ar

Special thanks to the City of Port Coquitlam!

I would like to thank Athena from the Development Services Department at Port Coquitlam City Hall today on assisting us on a land assembly opportunity. M8TRIX5 Real Estate Development Division looks forward to working with the City on this and other future opportunities.

M8TRIX5 FREE Public Wifi Coming to 176th Street Cloverdale.

Big thanks to these supporters for supporting our initiative to connect people, businesses and communities. Project Bri-Fi! More than just FREE public WiFi. Login to find out when we launch! www.m8trix5.com working with like minded people to building better communities.

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