Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Technology - M8TRIX5 Communications

There is no question that we all work hard, but isn't it time for us to work smarter by leveraging technology? If you are ready to work smarter, M8TRIX5 Ai 'TOBi' can help. Who is TOBi? Check out the video below. When you're ready to leverage technology to streamline productivity and efficiency, our technology team can help. To some blockchain technology is new, but in fact this technology has been around for over a decade. M8TRIX5 tech team has been working with blockchain for years and we have some exciting products and services launching soon that is leveraging this technology. Our product will benefit you and the world. To stay up to date on M8TRIX5 new products and services, be sure to

Real Estate Development and Investments - M8TRIX5 Developments

We know that the only asset that can increase in value with little to no effort over time is real estate. We understand that financial institutions will only lend if that loan is secured with real estate. At M8TRIX5 Development, we're more than real estate developers and investors, we are also advisors. So if you're looking to invest in real estate, not only can we help but we can also guide you to mitigate your risk and get you the highest ROI. If you have questions, do contact us or leave a comment below.

Custom Home Builders - M8TRIX5 Developments

First, we understand and know that the home is a special place where great memories are made, memories that will last a lifetime. To ensure those memories are not impacted negatively in any way, our properties are built with quality and great attention to detail and also covered by Pacific Home Warranty. Build your dream home can be extremely stressful, but it doesn't have to be. From design to build out, our team has everything covered for you. ​ There are builders. Then there are M8TRIX5 custom builders. When you meet with us and see the homes we've built, you feel the passion for what we do and understand why many work with us. Have questions, contact us today or leave a comment below.

Commercial Builds - M8TRIX5 Developments

We're not limited to residential builds. Because of our experience in business, our team not only can build your retail commercial store but can also assist you to find the right location and more. Have a look at some of our completed projects below which includes review of architectural drawings, obtaining building permits, cost project estimates, scheduling, construction management, and cost control . Denturist Clinic Tenant Lease Improvement, 8674 Granville St., Vancouver Pharmacy & Medical Clinic, Unit 110 - 7738 Edmonds St., Burnaby 8285-121 A St., Surrey Holiday Inn, Osoyoos – Addition of 4th Floor to existing building Super 8 Motel, 7702 Main St., Osoyoos - Upgrading Proposed Construc

Estimate and Project Management - M8TRIX5 Development

Regardless if it's a commercial or residential build, construction is not only expensive but also mentally stressful. So if you are looking for a second estimate opinion, we can surely help and provide that. ​ If you're looking for someone to project manage the site/project, we can assist with that as well. Whatever size your project is, our team is ready to help. See below some of the projects our team has completed. Commerical Office Alterations at 2nd Floor for The Ministry of Social Service & Housing, 2nd Floor – 5021 Kingsway, Burnaby Tenant Lease Improvement for Western Union Insurance, Suite 710 – 510 Burrard Street, Vancouver Addition for Taxation Data Centre, 9755 King George Hwy.

Sound Systems and Licensed Music - M8TRIX5 Communications

Imagine waking up in the morning with no music playing in the background. How would this silence affect your mood. Now imagine waking up in the morning with your favorite tunes playing in the background. How would this affect your mood. Would be you happier? Yes, you would! Sound/music plays an important role in our everyday life especially when it comes to our moods. So if you are going to listen to music, why not listen to it from the world's best WiFi sound system specialist—SONOS! At M8TRIX5, we only want to offer and give you the best products. Sound is no exception. As a SONOS Authorized Dealer and Soundmachine partner, we are able to provide you the world's best wireless sound system

Residential Alarm+Monitoring - M8TRIX5 Security

Many take for granted a secure and protected home. Our residential security service is about more than preventing burglaries. It's also about protecting families from fire, CO2, and educating them on prevention. ​ Many people don't think they can benefit from having a home security system. Here are some of the most common reasons homeowners give for not having security systems, and why they should rethink their positions. Below are the 5 (Dumb) Reasons Homeowners Don't Have Home Security Systems Security systems themselves start at around $100, and monthly monitoring averages around $30. Most people spend more than that on coffee in a month. Consider that the average loss from a residential

Business Alarm+Monitoring - M8TRIX5 Security

Your business is your livelihood. Be sure to protect it from the unexpected. Did you know that by having the security alarm and monitoring we provide, you can save up to 20% in insurance premiums! Whether you're looking to upgrade or need a new alarm+monitoring system, we can help. As an authorized ADT Dealer, not only do we provide the best customer service possible, but we're also backed by one of the largest alarm companies in North America. Contact us today, and one of our security solution specialist will provide you a free estimate. Have questions ,leave it in the comment section below. For more information, click here...>

Merchant Services / Payment Solutions - M8TRIX5 Communications

We know as business owners, collecting payment is vital. However, fees for collecting funds can be high, but it doesn't have to be. Not with us anyway. Why? We're a preferred partner with Global Payments. What does this mean? This means that we get preferred pricing, and we pass this along to our clients. Not sure who Global Payments is? Take a look at this short intro video. When you're ready for great customer service and to reduce your merchant fees by up to 50% or in need of debit/credit card terminal, we can help. Contact us today or leave a comment below and let's see how much we can save you.

Security Camera Systems -M8TRIX5 Security

You can't be at your home or business 24/7. Or can you? Have our professional install team set up our security camera systems, and then view your home or business at any time and from anywhere, all with an app on your phone. From a simple 2 to 12 or more cameras security system, our team can do it all. Not sure what security camera system is right for you? Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate. Have a questions leave it in the comment section below.

Network Security - M8TRIX5 Security

What would happen to your business if your network was hacked and all the information was stolen or deleted? Can you imagine the damage this would cause? So the questions is how private is your network connection? If you're not sure, not to worry, we can provide you a complimentary penetration test assessment to find out how secure or unsecure your network is at no charge. ​ You can't afford someone hacking into your network and taking your business hostage? Can you? If not, we're ready to help prevent that from happening. To request a penetration test contact us today. If you have questions use the comment below.

Internet, Phone, TV, and All Things Telecom - M8TRIX5 Comunications

Whether your looking to switch service providers or looking to pay less for your current services, we can help with both! As a third-party internet, phone, and TV provider, we are able to provide businesses and residential customers the same service as the big providers without impact quality of connection and save you up to 50% less in price. When you are ready to explore other options, contact us today or leave a comment below.

Video Production, Commercials, and More - M8TRIX5 Digital

Should your business invest in producing a video commercial? Being in the space we're in, absolutely! We know that video is the next wave and the best tool when it comes to communicating your message out. Still not convinced? Imagine you received two emails. One email is full of content while the other has a video. Which email would you look at first? We believe that every business should have at least one video showcasing their product or services. Video adds visual, sound, and movement to any digital platform. Take a look of some of the work we done for our clients. ​​ Our team not only can produce the best video product but with our creative department influence, your message gets clearly

Media Buying and Management - M8TRIX5 Digital

Should business owners advertise? The answer is yes. But the real question is how much should you spend on advertising. The U.S. Small Business Administration recommends spending 7 to 8 percent of your gross revenue on marketing and advertising if you're doing less than $5 million a year in sales. Some marketing experts advise that start-up and small businesses usually allocate between 2 and 3 percent of revenue for marketing and advertising, and up to 20 percent if you're in a competitive industry. Still other marketing experts counsel a range between 1 percent and 10 percent and even more depending on competitive activity, how long you've been in business, and what you can afford. It's app

Website Design, Development, SEO, and More - M8TRIX5 Digital

Here's what you need to know before revamping or investing in a new website. While the exact number of websites keeps changing every second, there are well over 1 billion sites on the world wide web (1,630,322,579 according to Netcraft’s June 2018 Web Server Survey compared to 1,805,260,010 in January 2018). So what does this mean for you? From our perspective and based on the above numbers, your website design has to stand out from the rest—especially your competition. The design also has to have a WOW factor because a viewer will make up their mind within three seconds if they're going to stay on the site or leave. If you are planning to build your own website to save on cost, well, three

Social Media Management and Planning - M8TRIX5 Digital

If you own or are looking to own a business, this has to be done. What has to be done you ask? Social media. Yes, that's right. Whether you like social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. or not, it's there and the masses are using it. We are not talking just about millions but hundreds of millions to billions of people are on these platforms daily. So if your questioning if your business should leverage these platforms or not, let's look at scenarios and compare. Lets compare two restaurants that are promoting their dinner specials. Restaurant A At 5pm restaurant A uses a sandwich board sign outside his establishment in hopes that pedestrians walking by will read his si

Strategic Online Marketing and Advertising - M8TRIX5 Digital

Looking to grow your business and brand awareness? You need a strategic plan to market and we can help! In this article, we'll go over what many businesses are doing ineffectively when they are marketing and advertising their products or services. What most businesses do when they're about to promote a new product or service is call up the local newspaper and run an ad campaign. The newspaper company then creates an ad for the business and the print ad campaign starts. Not only can this be costly but the ad that was created may not be communicating the message clearly to the viewer. So, this is what we recommend. 1. Contact us and tell us about your new product or service. The better unde

Is Canada's Economy on the Verge of a Financial Crisis?

Is Canada's Economy on the Verge of a Financial Crisis? Yes, it is! From my perspective and 2019 we will see the most impact. This is when we will be picking real estate Investment Properties with Cryptocurrency. Investing in hard assets that produce monthly cash flow and builds equity is one of the best ways to have our money work for us. If you want to join in with us (M8TRIX5.COM Group) PM me. It’s going to be a fun ride!

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