Automation will strip countless Canadians of their jobs in the near future.

Automation will strip countless Canadians of their jobs in the near future. While this is a well-known fact, not many people seem to have the knowledge that the number of new jobs automation will create will outnumber the ones it will be wiping out soon. The only negative is that all these new jobs will require a whole new set of skills that not everyone has...yet. It is more crucial now than ever that young and old Canadians alike develop their “human skills.” Characteristics such as critical thinking, coordination, social perceptiveness, active listening, and complex problem solving are key. Machines can, and have, and will continue to replace humans for many tasks, but some things are sim


M8TRIX5 would like to thank Pat Miazga your local Tri-cities realtor for sharing this article written by Peter D. Morris from Greenstead Consulting Group. The Government has made changes to the Speculation Tax and I wanted to make sure you are aware of those changes this morning. The CBC reported that the B.C. government made a number of changes to its proposed speculation tax which will reduce both the number of British Columbians paying the tax and the amount they'll pay. The tax, first announced during February's budget, was to be assessed at 0.5 per cent of a vacant property's assessed value this year and two per cent in 2019. This morning, B.C. Finance Minister Carole James announ

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