The Hottest Real Estate Markets in the Country Right Now.

"Real Estate is the best place to bank your money." - Dan Nou (M8TRIX5 Founder) Here are the two hottest Real Estate Markets! Thank you

Be SMART about BRANDING, and remember: Strategic Marketing Always Reaches Targets.

M8trix5 and Best Version Media. The marketplace has been changing at an incredible rate, bringing new challenges and new opportunities. Consumers now access goods on a global scale through digital platforms such as the internet and mobile APP technology. Businesses MUST embrace the digital opportunities because it isn’t just another place to sell goods, it has become their business card. The consumer trend is to look up goods and services, pick a retailer on the first search page, read the reviews online and then check pricing. The digital presence plays a major role in what marketing professionals refer to as BRANDING. Every business creates a reputation based on their digital presentation,

​The Necessity of Rebooting Internet Hardware​

​The Necessity of Rebooting Internet Hardware​ A common situation for a residence or in fact a business is that some piece of technology has stopped working. Or is working incorrectly. It could be that the Internet is slow or inconsistent or that streaming of Movies or Shows has become choppy or freezing. OR the Internet has stopped entirely! But to be honest a lot of stress and heartache could be resolved in advance by simply keeping your equipment happy! It is a good practice to pick a day of the week to restart or reboot your equipment. This ensures that everything is working good and your equipment is HAPPY. Look at it this way. You wouldn't leave your cell phone running for a mon

M8TRIX5 Wireless Energy Transmission.

What was impossible is now possible. At M8TRIX5 we are always looking at innovative ways to better our planet. Our team has been working on this for many months and we are happy to say that Phase One is complete. Take a look at the video and let us know what you think. ​​​​

M8TRIX5 MEETUP - Online Strategies To Attract More Customers To Your Business - Feb 19 2018

Details • What we'll do In this meetup we will discuss online strategies and which digital platform is best to attack more customers to your business. Agenda 1 : Network / Referrals 2 : Discuss online strategies and which digital platform is best to attack more customers to your business. Date : Monday Feb 19 2018 Time : 11am to 12:00pm Location : M8TRIX5 Group of companies Address : 101-2571 Shaughnessy Street (Next to RBC Bank) Real Business growth is not just about what you're doing right but what you're not doing. RSVP at to learn and network with other business owners and let's grow together. Seating is limited. This meetup is made possible by M8TRIX

M8TRIX5 January Revenue up 225%

M8TRIX5 Group of Companies is a local Canadian boutique telecommunication, digital marketing and real estate company based in Port Coquitlam BC., that specialize in helping clients CUT COST and INCREASE REVENUE. Clients that use M8TRIX5 products and services along with their creative and strategic planning are able to cut cost by up to 50% and increase their revenue by 75% or more. M8TRIX5 is please to announce that January 2018 Revenue increased by 225% vs January 2017. As a sign of our thanks and appreciation we would like to provide the following promotions below.

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