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Be SMART about BRANDING, and remember: Strategic Marketing Always Reaches Targets.

M8trix5 and Best Version Media.

The marketplace has been changing at an incredible rate, bringing new challenges and new opportunities. Consumers now access goods on a global scale through digital platforms such as the internet and mobile APP technology. Businesses MUST embrace the digital opportunities because it isn’t just another place to sell goods, it has become their business card.

The consumer trend is to look up goods and services, pick a retailer on the first search page, read the reviews online and then check pricing. The digital presence plays a major role in what marketing professionals refer to as BRANDING. Every business creates a reputation based on their digital presentation, online reviews, customer service and word of mouth referrals from a trusted source. That is 50% digital and 50% old school marketing combine to brand a business, create its perceived value and build loyalty with consumers.

What does that mean?

Some would say it takes twice as much work to marketing a business effectively. M8trix5 sees that there are twice as many opportunities to acquire new customers, optimize their purchasing potential and increase consumer retention.

The digital revolution is an opportunity to refine how businesses approach their branding. The old school rules still apply and the objectives are still the same: Get Attention, Stimulate Impulse Purchasing and cultivate a positive engaging “Customer Experience” that generates referrals.

Traditionally retailers would throw away thousands of dollars at NEWSPAPERS and other PRINT MEDIA hoping to attract business. We all know the “Throw a big enough net and you might catch some fish” approach doesn’t get results. The majority of people don’t rely on newspapers for information. Most coupons and flyers get thrown away, or used as lining for recycling bins. Businesses still spend money on this kind of print as a desperate attempt to get noticed.

Remember, BRANDING can only begin when the business gets noticed. M8trix5 understands that getting noticed is the first step, but there is much more to it than catching a fleeting glance at a logo.

The truth is that the subconscious mind creates an impression through repetitive stimulation or intensity of experience. Effective branding requires repetitive exposure to a positive message while engaged in a positive experience in order to program the subconscious for a positive response.

M8trix5 does this everyday on the digital platforms, crafting the right “customer experience” by leveraging technology effectively. The challenging question was “How do we do in that in PRINT?”

How do you format print media to reinforce a positive engaging experience with exposure to a brand while establishing a sense of value, trust and loyalty? How do you get that exposure repetitive and passive in order to be effective? Well after a long search, M8trix5 found the solution: Best Version Media, a dynamic innovative company with an impressive track record.

Take the opportunity to effectively reproduce the M8trix5 BRANDING EFFECT in PRINT.

We have a Best Version Media Publisher on staff ready to support your marketing, branding and business development campaigns throughout the lower mainland.

Be SMART about BRANDING, and remember: Strategic Marketing Always Reaches Targets.

Contact us today and see how M8trix5 strategies and solutions can work for you!

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