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Dan Sikanida Nou
M8TRIX5 Founder
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Email : dannou(at)m8trix5.com
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I would assume that you're on this page because you're wondering what the similarity is and what I'm up to with M8TRIX5.

So, let's get that out of the way first.  As you can see M8TRIX5 has many divisions, all specializing in its industry sector.  All sectors carry the same logo.  So, what am I up to?

It's really simple.  Many entrepreneurs focus on building a business.  At  M8TRIX5 we are focused on building a BRAND!  

We all see businesses come and go. I wanted to create something that is long-lasting. 


Our brand is known for helping people pay less for essential technology-related services.  Soon, it will also be known for solving another major problem many people face which is not having or making enough money.

In the year 2000, I started to plan and develop M8TRIX5 and its divisions.  Over the years it has grown to what it is today.  However, our growth would not have been possible without the help and support of our users/customers.

The success of our BRAND is in building relationships

We are all about building relationships.  You see, we have relationships with every one of our users or customers.  To us, they are not just a number or file.  Regardless of what product and service they use, they are important. They use our products and services, give us feedback, refer us to others. All in all, everyone in our M8TRIX5 is important.

I would like everyone who wants to use our products and services to know what we are all about. At M8trix5 our mission is to:

1.  Help people pay less for essential services.

2.  Help people save and make more money.

At M8TRIX5 people can be more than just a customer.  They can become a part of a new unique movement where people help other people pay less, save, and make money in Essential Services, Real Estate, Lending, and Finance.

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Let's get to know each other more

Before I do any business, I need and want to make sure of whom I'm doing business with.  I'm sure you feel the same way.  So, let's get to know each other a little better before you are a part of M8TRIX5.  If you continue to scroll down you will find my life experiences and can visit me on Linkedin.

Our Founder

To be properly introduced to M8TRIX5 is to learn about the individual who had the unique vision to start it in the first place.


Dan Nou is a Cambodian-Canadian Spiritual Entrepreneur, Investor, Venture Capitalist and Visionary.  Dan's humble beginnings at the time of the Khmer Rouge Regime to industry experience, his business acumen, and relentless drive led him to create M8TRIX5.

Our Founder - The Master


Our Founder - The Monk


Our Founder - The Family Man

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