BYOD Headache Finally Subsides | BlackBerry Provides Solution.

The BYOD (bring your own device) headache has finally subsided as BlackBerry WorkLife offers employees separate corporate lines on personal devices. This solves a problem for many who have struggled to find a solution to: when all voice/text conversations related to the organization are required to be record, how do you do it without violating your employees' privacy? Up till now, there's been no solid answer, but we're in the age of change...and that just changed—thanks to BlackBerry WorkLife. Read more > Source:

Crypto currency will eventually be a norm in everyday use.

It’s just a matter of time. And that time is very near. So the question is, “How does one partake as an early adopter (Tokens) and jump on crypto opportunities?” M8TRIX5 can help. Since 2014 the M8TRIX5 tech/blockchain team his been working on evaluating the strengths and identifying opportunities. I will be hosting information sessions to friends, family and members in our M8TRIX5 Community to discuss blockchain, crypto currency, and early adopter opportunities. Due to the confidential and proprietary information given at the info session all attendees must sign a non-disclosure agreement, prior to the info session. There is no cost to this info session as it’s for our friends, family and M

Applicable Money-saving Practices That Will Save You from the Quicksands of Debt

Canadians’ debt loads shocked at $1.8 trillion in the fourth quarter of 2017, according to a report by credit rating agency Equifax. Increases were reported in various divisions of lending such as a 10.3% increase in installment loans, 6.5% in auto loans, and 6.2% in mortgages, resulting in the average Canadian owing $22,837. Although more than less Canadians are managing their debt well, 37% are sinking even further into the quicksands of debt. With the economy scheduled to slow this year, according to a recent RBC forecast, the lives of 37% of Canadians will consist of counting pennies and trying to make ends meet. While a risky debt situation seems to bear little hope, there are in fact m

M8trix5 Revenues Continue to Rise

What happens when a business understands, treats people right and provides them solutions? . Growth! Growth! Growth! . This is the case with M8TRIX5 Contact us today to see how we can increase your revenue. Ph: 778-383-3066 /

M8TRIX5 Security's New Product Addition is what everyone deserves.

We all live busy lives and for most of us, we can't wait to get home from a hectic day at work. But wouldn't it be great if our house can welcome us home? With M8TRIX5 Security, your secure, automated, and smart home provider, it can. With the addition of the Qolsys IQ Panel, we can turn any home or condo into a secure, automated, and smart home. Contact us today at 778-383-3066 | and get what you deserve. A secure, automated and smart home that welcomes you for years to come.

Pat Miazga-Real Estate 2018 Spring Market Predictions

View the video to see what's in store for Spring 2018. Leave your thoughts or comments below. For exclusive listings of the best homes currently available in the Tri-Cities or to find out how much your home is worth contact me today! Ph: 604-562-5982.

Why I Became a Real Estate Developer

Someone asked me why I became a real estate developer... Here's my story. My family immigrated to Calgary, Alberta, Canada after surviving 5 years of the Khmer Rouge Regime in the mid-to-late 1970s. Both of my parents worked 2-3 jobs in order for us to survive in Canada in the early 1980s. After almost a year, my parents purchased our first brand new home in Dover, Calgary for $70,000 at a 13% interest. It was a small home that was roughly 900 square feet with 2 bedrooms and one bathroom. My older sister and I shared one room, and my parents had the other room. It was ​the ​right size home for my family. We lived in that home for over 15 years and shared many happy memories there. When I was


Teamwork is essential for small businesses to grow or large businesses to grow even larger. Being apart of a team, something bigger than yourself, empowers you.Teamwork promotes a sense of achievement and a feeling of belonging. It also encourages discipline and accountability. A good team will always outperform an individual as the synergy, or interaction of elements, builds momentum and propels every person forward all together. A transparent example of this concept is ADT and M8trix5. Both teams consist of individuals determined to service their customers to the best of their abilities. ADT provides remarkable protection for its clients, testing each and every product for over 1,200 hours

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