The Sonos app is about to get a lot better.

We are always working to improve our product experience and deliver added value and service for customers. ​​​​Recently we’ve received valuable feedback from Sonos owners about the Sonos app. We plan to address their feedback with more frequent updates in 2018 and beyond, starting today. Here are the changes to expect in the latest app update: Easier Navigation The 5-tab navigation bar is now always visible at the bottom of the app, including on the Now Playing screen. Black Now Playing Screen We’ve made the Now Playing screen black, so it is more pleasant to use in low light and emphasizes the artist and album art. Simpler Room Control The new Room menu makes it easier for c

Convert Viewers Into Customers By Adding A Video To Your Website

Adding video to your business website not only makes your site more active, it keeps viewers longer on your site. Which give you a better opportunity to convert your viewers into paying customers. Find out how can help you create your business intro video at an affordable price. M8TRIX5 provides affordable quality products and services without compromising customer care and attention.

M8TRIX5 Real Estate Development Eye Mazatlan As A Great Investment Opportunity.

For the past several years Dan Nou (M8trix5's Founder) has been visiting and eyeing Mazatlan as a place to escape Vancouver's Winters. He fell in love with the people and the real estate opportunities there. M8TRIX5 Real Estate Development Group has plans to build vacations homes for those that plans to escape Canadian winters for weeks or months at a time. We will provide updates so be sure to check back. "I want these exclusive vacations homes to be a home a way from home with all the services Mazatlan offers. Such as a private tour guide, private chef and service team. A boat and cars that our guest can use during their stay with M8TRIX5 Vacation Properties. This is how I would like

This iPhone feature could save your life.

This iPhone feature could save your life. We hope we never have to use it but now we know that its there. For more info on M8TRIX5 products and services visit

Life-Work Balance : A Buddhist/Spiritual approach on how to overcome stress/worry.

What we're about A great way to connect with like-minded spiritual beings in the Tri-Cites! This group is for people interested in Buddhism or meditation or spirituality or just leading a kinder life who are up for meeting like-minded people. Everyone is invited! Dan Nou's Buddhist & Spiritual Group is all about building community amongst the spiritual like-minded crowd in the Tri-Cities. Dan Nou, the founder, has survived the Khmer Rouge Regime, three heart attacks. Flatlined, passed over and returned. Overcame new cultures, laws, language, racism, and prejudice... A Martial Arts Master and Buddha Yoga creator and practitioner he leads the group in helping people find physical, emotional,

Celebrate 2018 with this Internet Special Offer!

M8TRIX5 had a growth increase of 66% in 2017. As a sign of our thanks we would like to offer this special promo for the month of Jan. Special offer for new customers Click here to see if your area qualifies.

Networking Monday | Strategies on How To Grow Your Business Online.

Networking Monday | Strategies on How To Grow Your Business Online. -Details- Whether you're planning to start a business or currently have one. You like many will have to market and advertise your business to get customers. In this meetup we will discuss what you need to know and do to get more customers smartly via online. -Agenda- 1 : Network / Referrals 2 : How to get more customers from online. Date : Monday Jan 8 2018 Time : 11am to 12:00pm Location : M8TRIX5 Group of companies Address : 101-2571 Shaughnessy Street (Next to RBC Bank) Real Business growth is not just about what you're doing right but what you're not doing. RSVP to learn and network with other business owners and let's g

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