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M8TRIX5 Real Estate Development Eye Mazatlan As A Great Investment Opportunity.

For the past several years Dan Nou (M8trix5's Founder) has been visiting and eyeing Mazatlan as a place to escape Vancouver's Winters. He fell in love with the people and the real estate opportunities there.

M8TRIX5 Real Estate Development Group has plans to build vacations homes for those that plans to escape Canadian winters for weeks or months at a time. We will provide updates so be sure to check back.

"I want these exclusive vacations homes to be a home a way from home with all the services Mazatlan offers. Such as a private tour guide, private chef and service team. A boat and cars that our guest can use during their stay with M8TRIX5 Vacation Properties. This is how I would like to experience a vacation home away from home and I'm sure others would want the same." - Dan Nou

To learn more about Mazatlan Real Estate and the opportunity to invest there with M8TRIX5 email for more info.

To get to know more about Mazatlan enjoy this video.

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