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Crypto currency will eventually be a norm in everyday use.

It’s just a matter of time. And that time is very near.

So the question is, “How does one partake as an early adopter (Tokens) and jump on crypto opportunities?”

M8TRIX5 can help.

Since 2014 the M8TRIX5 tech/blockchain team his been working on evaluating the strengths and identifying opportunities.

I will be hosting information sessions to friends, family and members in our M8TRIX5 Community to discuss blockchain, crypto currency, and early adopter opportunities.

Due to the confidential and proprietary information given at the info session all attendees must sign a non-disclosure agreement, prior to the info session.

There is no cost to this info session as it’s for our friends, family and M8TRIX5 Community members. These sessions will be held in Calgary, and Vancouver initially.

For dates, times and locations of these info session do click on the link below to access the secured site to RSVP.

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