​The Necessity of Rebooting Internet Hardware​

​The Necessity of Rebooting Internet Hardware​

A common situation for a residence or in fact a business is that some piece of technology has stopped working. Or is working incorrectly. It could be that the Internet is slow or inconsistent or that streaming of Movies or Shows has become choppy or freezing. OR the Internet has stopped entirely! But to be honest a lot of stress and heartache could be resolved in advance by simply keeping your equipment happy! It is a good practice to pick a day of the week to restart or reboot your equipment. This ensures that everything is working good and your equipment is HAPPY.

Look at it this way. You wouldn't leave your cell phone running for a month without rebooting it would you? Most people reboot their phone once a week, once a day or even twice a day!


Because it has gotten slow when they are using an App or their voice calls are not clear or it just plain does not work. But a reboot 99% of the time always works to resolve these issues. So to reboot your Internet Hardware and other equipment at your home or business more often makes more sense now right?

To do a proper reboot of your equipment it is really simple but you need to do it in the right sequence of devices starting with the first device connected to the Internet. ⇒ your modem / modem router. But the simplest way is to unplug the power cords all at the same time from all your devices that you use and just reboot them one at a time by reconnecting the power cords.

Step One: Unplug power from all your devices. But from your modem please unplug both power and the Cord that brings your internet in (Example: Coaxial Cable, Telephone Line, Cat 5 Cable)

Step Two: Wait 8-10 minutes then reattach the power cord and the Internet source

Step Three: WAIT for the Internet Light to light up on your modem (takes 2-3 minutes)

Step Four: If you have a seperate router for WIFI (or Switch) please plug in power now.

Step Five: WAIT until the router boots up and the Internet and WIFI Lights come on. (takes 2-3 minutes)

Step Six: You can now plug in the power to any other devices you have or reboot any other devices that were on the WIFI. This includes mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, music systems like Sonos, Android boxes for TV etc.

Sequence is very important to success but if you make a habit of rebooting your network all your devices will be happy and you will be happy too!

-M8trix5 Operations Team

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