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Automation will strip countless Canadians of their jobs in the near future.

Automation will strip countless Canadians of their jobs in the near future. While this is a well-known fact, not many people seem to have the knowledge that the number of new jobs automation will create will outnumber the ones it will be wiping out soon. The only negative is that all these new jobs will require a whole new set of skills that not everyone has...yet.

It is more crucial now than ever that young and old Canadians alike develop their “human skills.” Characteristics such as critical thinking, coordination, social perceptiveness, active listening, and complex problem solving are key. Machines can, and have, and will continue to replace humans for many tasks, but some things are simply reserved for only us. Human judgement, creativity, people management, etc. are the kinds of things that are very hard for machines to imitate. These are our precious assets as humans that we got to develop. With an increasing number of jobs that demand new skills on the horizon, we will definitely not have what it takes to do the jobs that we do today in 10 years... unless Canadians support Canadians today, because that support will enable each and every one of us to rise to this urgent task.

The time of great economic demand is upon us. To even scratch the surface of achieving this demanding goal, we need be determined to surpass expectations. To sustain this sort of intense motivation, we need a source. We need to have a source of empowered individuals who are ready to empower individuals without any form of delay as the clock is ticking while we sleep. They’re some pretty big shoes to fill, but M8trix5 is willing and able to take on this enormous responsibility. M8trix5 will be the source we all need, the source of empowered individuals who are ready to empower individuals.

While M8trix5 isn’t some kind of school for developing “human skills,” we do encourage personal growth and offer support to individuals. We surely can be that “guiding hand that has your best interest at heart.” We look to create real relationships as we balance concern for individual workers and organizational interest. It’s all about team building. After all, which successful person had no team of any sort? None. The reason being that as a thousand we are weak, but as one we are supported, resulting in a strength greater than that of diamonds.

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