M8trix5 Launches the M85 Token in May 2018!

​Blockchain has slowly but surely been waking up from its slumber since 2009, but that’s about to change as M8trix5 is counting down the days now to ​something very exciting for our community!

​​Blockchain boggles many of us but excites the rest of us. M8trix5 is part of the latter. They see ​the near endless possibilities of ​Blockchain​ applications and refuse to let such an opportunity pass them by.

With that said, M8trix5​,​ ​using our Private ​S​ecure ​N​etwork​ (PSE) ​​is ​yet again giving our retailers the tools to not only succeed but to dominate! ​The first step is we are launching ​our very own token​ on our PSE May 2018.

​This adding​,​​ yet again, ​​​to their list of already ​incredible divisions is a big step for the Canadian group of companies​. ​ ​What will be our next step? ​Join us on our journey ​to see how the minds at M8trix5 leverage this technology ​​by following us on social media and our blog.

Ph 778-383-3066 / cs@m8trix5.com

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