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M8trix5 Shakes Hands with Blackberry

M8trix5 has shook many hands, and now they are utilizing the universal teamwork principle once more as they shake hands with Blackberry to provide top-of-the-line corporate network security for their clients. M8trix5, developing since the 21st century, is not only working hard but also working smart by partnering up with the enterprise software and services giant, founded in 1985. From Blackberry’s perspective, they’re reaching not so far down and pulling up M8trix5 to enjoy the same view of success as them—and together, they will reach even greater heights!

Teamwork is M8trix5’s not-so-well-kept secret to success, from in-house to their network of strategic partners i.e. Global Payments, ADT, Sonos, and now Blackberry. Talk about a team of teams! Who knows who M8trix5 will partner up with next—Apple? Samsung? Sony?

"We don't compete; we build alliances to better the people, our community and the planet we live on." - Dan Nou | M8TRIX5 Founder

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