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We all have a purpose to fulfill in this journey we call life!

As we travel in this journey we call life we will encounter hardships. Sometimes the hardship is so unbearable we want to give up living. We think of possibly taking our own life. But taking one's life is not one's destiny or is it part of the natural law.

Hardship from a spiritual perspective is to prepare us for our future. To prepare us for what we are truly destined to be and do. That is to fulfill our purpose in life. How do I know this? I've experienced this.

My family and I survived five years of the Khmer Rouge Regime in Cambodia. Out of 100 infants in the Killing Fields Camps only two survived myself and another being. Why? Because my purpose in life has not been fulfilled and there is something greater for me to achieve.

So, if you are experiencing hardship, connect with your spirit to not only surpass the hardship but to also know what your purpose in life is.

To start your spiritual journey contact me today.

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