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Strategic Online Marketing and Advertising - M8TRIX5 Digital

Looking to grow your business and brand awareness? You need a strategic plan to market and we can help!

In this article, we'll go over what many businesses are doing ineffectively when they are marketing and advertising their products or services.

What most businesses do when they're about to promote a new product or service is call up the local newspaper and run an ad campaign. The newspaper company then creates an ad for the business and the print ad campaign starts. Not only can this be costly but the ad that was created may not be communicating the message clearly to the viewer.

So, this is what we recommend.

1. Contact us and tell us about your new product or service.

The better understanding we have of your product or service (usage, benefits etc.), the better our creative and production team can align the ad with your business and produce the most effective ad. We don't just produce display ads—we produce creative ads.

Below are creative ads we've completed for our clients.

2. Know the target market.

Before committing to spending money on any advertising platform, our digital team does research to ensure that the platforms the ads will be on are the most effective ones for response rate.

3. Planning the marketing and advertising campaign

At this stage and based on the data collected from the research, our digital team composes a strategic plan to market to the masses. The plan details the time and day to advertise and how, you, the client gets the highest engagement and most responses by leveraging different platforms.

We hope that this brief article gives some insights. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.

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