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5 (Dumb) Reasons Why Homeowners Don’t Have Home Security Systems

Many people don't think they can benefit from having a home security system. Here are some of the most common reasons homeowners give for not having security systems, and why they should rethink their positions.

1. It costs too much.

Security systems themselves start at around $100, and monthly monitoring averages around $30. Most people spend more than that on coffee in a month. Consider that the average loss from a residential burglary is close to $2,000, and your system pays for itself even if it only prevents one break-in. What's more, many people are pleasantly surprised that their homeowners' insurance premiums drop after installing a home security system, and that their home security system helps boost home resale value if they move. Some home security system providers offer a mover's guarantee, so even if you move, you do not have to purchase a new system for your new home.

2. It’s hard to use, and I'm afraid I would accidentally trigger it.

The home security systems of today come complete with intuitive, easy-to-use control panels that even allow two-way communication with your monitoring center. If you accidentally trigger your alarm, you can use your control panel to tell the monitoring center what happened. Monitoring center personnel will contact you if the alarm is tripped and you don't use the control panel to inform them of the error. Additionally, today's systems can tell the difference between you and your pet due to the way heat is distributed, so you don't have to worry about your cat or dog setting off the alarm. When you have a repairman in your home, you can use temporary pass codes so that they won't trigger the system.

3. Doesn't monitored security mean I'm being watched? That's creepy.

Monitored home security simply means that if your system is triggered, the monitoring center is immediately notified. When your system is not triggered by a break-in or fire, the monitoring center cannot "spy" on you or otherwise monitor your activities.

4. I'm home all the time anyway.

Many people telecommute, and there are plenty of stay-home parents who keep homes occupied nearly all the time. One problem is that if you're "home all the time," you may become lax in securing your home when, for example, you need to go out for a gallon of milk. The typical burglar wants to get in and get out fast, so even if your home is only unoccupied for half an hour, that's plenty of time for a burglary to occur. Additionally, although home invasions are rare, they do occur, and having a monitored home security system adds a layer of protection. You can press the "panic button" on your security system keychain remote and instantly contact the monitoring center.

5. I have a dog who makes enough noise to frighten off an intruder.

Your dog can be "bribed" with a chicken leg, but your monitored home security system can't be. While a loud dog can provide some deterrent, the fact is you can't count on him to protect your home against burglary. What's more, if your house is broken into while nobody's home, the last thing you want is for your pets to get loose or be harmed. If your home has a yard sign or window decal stating that it has a monitored home security system, that alone is often enough to send a burglar elsewhere.

Monitored home security systems are affordable, user-friendly, and effective. If you would like to find out more about how a monitored home security system can help benefit you and your family, give us a call or send us an email.


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