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Phase 1 Complete - Project Bri-Fi > Connecting Communities and Businesses

The M8TRIX5 Public WiFi Cloverdale (AKA Project Bri-Fi) will connect the local community and businesses on 176th Street Cloverdale.

This initiative will help support the development of small to medium size enterprises and start-ups in the area. M8TRIX5 Public WiFi will enable businesses to advertise and showcase ​their products and services to people that use the Free Public WiFi platform. ​M8trix5 who is providing this digital advertising space​:​ ​offers ​businesses a greater opportunity to attract consumers in the area into their establishment.

The Founder, Dan Nou said: "​The public can access our FREE Public WiFi to save on their cell data consumption and at the same time can see what specials or deals merchants offer in the area.


For the merchants: they are able to market their products and services to potential customers that are just steps away from their door. This convenience can increase sales and new customer acquisition. It really is a win-win."

Phase one is the completion of the set up and connecting key sites on 176th Street. We want to give thanks to MASONS Furniture, The Henry and Michaud's Salon Spa and Wellness Centre for partnering with M8TRIX5 on this initiative to connect the local community and businesses in Cloverdale.

This initiative is sponsored by

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