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Spiritual Warriors founded and lead by Dan Nou is a community of men and women who realize they are spiritual beings living a human experience.

Together at the Top


The teachings are based on the codes below known as the "Spiritual Warrior Code"

which has been uniquely structured and formed to achieve the

community's three goals.


The first goal (internal) is to help members attain physical, mental,

emotional, spiritual balance and peace within oneself by connecting

with ones spirit.

The second goal (external) is to help members create and live a

financially successful and healthy life.

The final goal (giving back) is for members to pass on our

knowledge to help others achieve the same goals. Therefore we

can live a human experience in equality and have

 the best life ever.


Everyone that joins our community will have to

abide by the code.

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The purpose of our online gatherings is to help others live a more meaningful life by connecting them with their spirit. We provide a space for people seeking to connect with their spirit and a place to meet with like minded individuals.

For those who want to make a difference

in the lives of others and are committed to the

life long learning of spirituality.

Spiritual Warriors empowers to

make a difference in the lives of

men, women and children.

We help individuals through any

transition and at all levels of success by

facing almost every challenge.


Spiritual Warriors is not affiliated with

any religious practice or political party.

We strive to be increasingly inclusive

and affirming of cultural differences,

especially with respect to color, class,

sexual orientation, faith, age, ability,

ethnicity and nationality.


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The best way to get to know us and to see if our Spiritual Community can help you in this journey we call life is to attend our weekly online gatherings.


Join other individuals that are looking to connect with their spirit, wanting to achieve their spiritual warrior goals, committed to creating their best and most successful life.

Spiritual Warriors by Dan Nou

Offered by M8TRIX5 Group

101 - 2571 Shaughnessy Street, Port Coquitlam, BC

778 - 726 - 4721