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Disruptive 3D Concrete Printing Proprietary Technology Offering Affordable Housing

Technology Advantage

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Renaissance 3D Concrete Printed Homes


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Advantage 1

Existing systems use mechanically extendable, telescoping or robotic arms. This limits the size of the structures that they can build. The use of the (patent pending) cable system means that the size of the structure(s) that can be built is virtually unlimited.

Advantage 2

Existing systems are extremely complex mechanically, with hundreds of small parts that are highly sensitive to contamination by conditions commonly encountered in the field such as dirt, mud, and dust. The 3DCP system developed by Dr. Tinari reduces the number of mechanical parts by 90% compared to other systems. This new system is easily field maintainable and is able to operate even in areas with the most inhospitable field conditions.

Advantage 3

The 3DCP system is much lighter in weight than existing designs, so it is more easily transported to remote locations.
The entire system can be packaged in one large or three small containers.

Advantage 4

The 3DCP system can be easily set up by two people and is field maintainable.

Advantage 5

The 3DCP system can be used to build any number of structures at the same time.

Entire communities can be built
in a few days.

Advantage 6

The 3DCP is far less expensive than existing designs, uses off the shelf components instead of expensive and hard to source custom made components.

Changing The World


presented by

M8TRIX5 Group (M85)

M85 is proposing that 3D printing is the technology to spearhead a new technological revolution that will fundamentally impact individuals and organizations throughout the world. In particular a revolutionary large scale 3D concrete printing technology will fundamentally impact the construction industry around the world. This innovative concrete printing technology will allow the construction for a wide variety of different kinds of structures in less then 24 hours with a cost that could be 90% cheaper than conventional construction methods.

Almost 60 percent of the Earth’s 8.3 billion people will live in cities by 2030. Many as 2 billion of these people will live in slums. The UN estimates that there are more than 100 million people that are homeless worldwide. Providing all people on Earth with access to decent and affordable housing is one of the main goals for M85's Global Sustainable Development Plan.

The UN estimates that at any one time, there are more than 100 million people that are homeless worldwide. As many as 1.6 billion people lack adequate housing. (Habitat, 2015)

Cities can connect people with opportunities, incubate creativity, innovation and foster positive growth however they require urban planning, infrastructure, transport and housing. 

When families are able to invest in a good home their living
conditions will improve and they can take a larger stake in their
communities. The houses also become an asset for their old
age and for their children’s future. Investing in housing also
increases shared prosperity since new construction generates jobs and economic growth.

Rapid population growth and urbanization are putting unsustainable pressures on traditional housing delivery systems.   These housing systems are often relying on government support.  The country Africa, for instance, will have more than 50% of its population living in large urban centers by 2030. Formal housing can’t be supplied as informal housing quickly fills the gap by necessity. This often results in the proliferation of slums i.e. new development challenges.

The bottom line is that more than 3 billion people will need new housing by 2030. Will it be possible to achieve
this ambitious goal? M85 believes that this goal is achievable; however, we must first tackle our local housing problems before we tackle our global housing problems.


Co-Founder / CEO Message
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Dan Nou

Co-Founder / CEO / Director

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One of the most critical problems people face on a daily basis is access to affordable housing. M8TRIX5 Renaissance 3D Corporation’s vision is to overcome this problem, reduce homelessness, and revolutionize the global residential construction industry. 

​Our mission is to construct 3D printed home communities on a global scale so that people can have a healthy, sustainable place in which to grow and flourish. We will accomplish this through applying our unique 3D Concrete Printing Technology (The Megalodon) for more rapid construction (lower costs and higher capacity), than is possible with existing 3D printing technologies on the market today.

Partial sale proceeds are donated to "M8TRIX5 Heritage and Housing Society", a not-for- profit with the purpose to:

1.  Preserve and rejuvenate heritage buildings.

2.  Build supportive affordable housing communities for people who require    assistance/independent living in their home.

3. Develop homes that are integrated with existing heritage buildings and creating sustainable communities with solar energy and permaculture.

We invite you to join our initiative and pre-order today.


Cutting Edge Techology

Low Cost

3DCP structures can be built for a cost from 50-90% cheaper than those erected using conventional construction methods.

Adaptable & Flexible

3DCP allows the production of a broad spectrum of innovative structural shapes that would be either impossible or simply too expensive to build using conventional construction techniques. This freedom allows our structures to be
built virtually anywhere.

Rapid Construction

3DCPT structures can typically be erected in less then 48 hours.


A wide variety of raw materials can be used to build 3DCP structures such as clay, earth, stucco and etc. For example, it is possible to use hempcrete or to use the plethora of plastics presently floating in the world’s oceans or discarded in waste dumps as potential raw materials for 3DP. Also, concrete and other materials can be better recycled and used more efficiently if they are used as feedstock in 3DCPT structures.


3DCP structures can be made significantly stronger than those built using traditional building techniques.
They can resist natural disasters such as hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, earthquakes and wildfires.

Unlimited Potential

3DCP structures can be built virtually anywhere including mountain sides and other areas where
traditional construction would be extremely difficult or impossible.


Civil engineering testing has shown that 3DCP can be legally permitted in all regulatory environments &
municipal jurisdictions.


Home Features


Kitchens and bathrooms carry the most value in any home. To ensure our homes succeeds on this value, our kitchens and bathrooms are designed and made by Rational Kitchens. A German company design for style, function and efficiency.


To learn more about our partner Rational Kitchens. Click here --->


To get the best in home entertainment our homes comes with the SONOS wireless home entertainment system.


To ensure we get the wow factor of living in the home, all of our homes come with the latest technology making it a smart home. Alarm, Monitoring, Video Security and Smart Technology via M8TRIX5 Smart Home Security.


3D Print/Build Timeline

Each home can be completed in a timely matter with our print build system. Below are the estimated stages and timeline of the project from start to finish.


Financing - 2 weeks to 1 month

Managed by M8TRIX5 Holdings. The timeline is dependent on the client having all the necessary info upfront.

Plans, Permit and City Approval - 2 to 6 months

The timeline is dependent on how backed up the city is with other applications in the queue.


Print build and Construction - 2 weeks to 1 month

The timeline is dependent on all materials and trades availability.


All Renaissance 3D Printed Build Homes are managed by M8TRIX5 Development Group and/or our licensed dealers.




Quality Housing At An Affordable Price