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Master Dan Nou brings to our studio a wealth of life, martial arts, buddha yoga, and mindfulness experiences. Our master, who was born in Cambodia's capital city of Phnom Penh, came from a family of academics. His father was a doctor and his mother is a professor.  In Cambodia, his family had all they could possibly want. In the mid-1970s, however, all was lost in a split second.



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Cambodia's capital city, Phnom Penh, was taken over by the communist Khmer Rouge. At gunpoint, his family was forced out of their home and into the killing fields. Many of his relatives were murdered and executed. His family was sponsored to Canada after five years of hardship, famine, and dictatorship.


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His family was free from the regime after settling in Calgary after arriving in Edmonton in 1980, but they were now faced with many challenges. A new environment, new laws, a new culture, a new language, racism, and prejudice.

His family was poor and lived in a low-income neighbourhood. His father worked as a janitor and tradesman, and his mother as a seamstress. 
  It wasn't their profession but they needed to survive.



Growing up in a low income neighborhood as a little boy and teenager, Master Dan found himself associating with the wrong group of individuals. His relatives taught him the ancient Angkorian martial arts Khun Khmer and Bokator. This was the first martial arts he had learned in order to protect himself.

He later studied Tae Kwon Do, Hapki Do, Kum Do, Kempo, Judo, Aikido, and Wing Chung. Master Dan found that martial arts are more than external, it is also very internal. With his findings, he created the internal martial arts program that is taught today to kids and adults.

From a spiritual perspective his mother wanted only the best for him, brought her son to a Cambodian Buddhist Temple in Calgary. In order to protect him from negative and bad energy, she had asked the monks to do a ceremony for him. Being a teenager at the time, Master Dan was not wanting to participate but with respect to his parents he did.


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Master Dan came to Vancouver from Calgary in the summer of 1993 where he completed his last year of High School.  During is first year of post secondary education Dan suffered a cardiac arrest.  The doctors not knowing what cause this diagnose him with a rare heart condition and he was put on many medications in order to treat his rare condition.

His heart condition restricted him from doing anything physical, studying, activities that cause stress on is heart would give him angina (chest pains), shortness of breath, numbness up his neck and down his arms.   Because of this he fell into depression.  That is when he d
eciding to approach his condition from a spiritual perspective.


So, he became a monk at the age of 19 to start his spiritual journey and to show respect to his parent for their understanding and support.  They had traveled to a temple in Santa Anna, California. As an apprentice to his late Grand Master, Loc Ta Peiu it was at this temple where he found his mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical balance.


Sunset Over the Mountains

Due to his heart condition Master Dan experienced three near death experience.  This along with his experience as a monk he attain the gift of foresight and the ability to connect with spiritual energy that have passed.


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After 6 years of combine business and science post-secondary education, he continued to follow his passion for teaching martial arts, Buddha Yoga, Mindfulness and aiding people in the community. Master Dan has been involved in community visions, community liaison groups, and volunteered in community activities. He is also the former Director and Coordinator for Pathfinder Youth Center Society and former ambassador for Lululemon.



Master Dan Nou, in addition to teaching Martial Arts, is a real estate developer, investor, and financier. He found M8TRIX5 Opportunity Corp, a Business, Real Estate Development, and Investment Group ( He also offers one-on-one real estate investment sessions and mentorship to people seeking financial independence and generational wealth.


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Master Dan has over 35 years of Martial Arts, Buddha Yoga, and Mindfulness experience along with over 20 years of entrepreneural, real estate investment and development experience.  He has consulted with at-risk youth, trouble kids/teens, distress families and has resolved many issues such as stress, health, anger, relationships, parenting, communication, career, business and financial development. 


Considering that he and his family experienced so many things from having a prosperous life in Cambodia, losing it all in one instant to the Khmer Rouge regime and to live through 5 years of war.  After that to immigrate for freedom only to face many other challenges such as a new environment, laws, culture, language, racism, and prejudice. Health challenges, out of body experience and still to create a meaningful life...


Master Dan's outcome is a new perspective on life, family, and community. He now has a strong positive mindset, the eagerness to share all his life experiences of failure and success to those in the community. 

As an environmental activist Dan founded and leads #protectearthmovement.   The movement works with companies that have the same concerns and are taking the necessary steps to not only protect our earth, but to maintain and sustain our fragile planet for future generations.

Dan is married and has a daughter who is 12 years old. They reside in Port Coquitlam.  In the winter Dan enjoys traveling to Mexico and South East Asia with his family. 

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