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Master Dan Nou brings many life and martial arts experience to our academy.  Born in Cambodia’s capital city Phnom Hen, our master came from a line of academics, his father a Doctor of medicine and mother a professor.


In Cambodia his family had more than everything they could ask for in life.  In the late 1970’S however, in just one short instant everything was lost! 


The communist Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia’S capital city Phnom Phen and his family was forced out of their home at gun point and into the Killing Fields.  Many of his family members we killed and executed.  After five years of touchier, famine and regime his family was than sponsored to Canada. 


Arriving in Edmonton Alberta in 1980 and later settling in Calgary.  His family was free from the regime but now were faced many other challenges, a new environment, laws, culture, language, racism, and prejudice. 


Because his family had little money they lived in a low income neighborhood.  His father worked as a janitor and trades men and his mother work as a seamstress.  It wasn't their profession but they needed to survive.


As a little boy and teenager growing up in a low income neighborhood he found himself associating with the wrong group of individuals.  His relatives taught him Kun Khmer / Bokator the ancient Angkorian martial art in order to protect himself.  It was the first martial arts he learned.  Read more >