One of the reasons why our program is so effective is because our parents are pro-active in our martial arts program. In order to get a better understanding of your child and to see if our unique program is the right fit for your child, you will need to set up a one on one child evaluation.


During this initial one on one child evaluation, Master Dan will evaluate your child's listening, motor, and developmental skills. At the same time, we can see how your child does in our environment along with the other students. Master Dan will also review our unique program and answer any questions you may have. If your child has a positive evaluation we will then begin the trial period.

The trial period means that your child will attend classes on the days to be specified by Master Dan.

During this period Master Dan will evaluate your child's development and progress. Before the trial period ends an appointment to meet with you and your child will be scheduled to review their progress. At the same time, you can also share if your child's behavior and attitude at home have improved or not. We also want feedback from your child to see if they enjoy the class and their fellow students.


If all feedback is positive we can then move forward and your child will become a full member of Master Dan's Martial Arts Academy.

Here are some reasons why we are an A+ Studio!


1. Our class size is limited to 14 students.   


2. We work closely with parents and teachers.


3. We use 3 evaluation forms to help students stay on         track to being the best they can be.

     - Home Child Evaluation

     - School Student Evaluation

     - Martial Arts Master's Evaluation

4. Evaluation & Promotion tests are carried out every              three to four months. 

5. Our training environment is fun and exciting for our        students.


6. Students are rewarded for their achievements and          hard work.


7. We teach our students as a studio volunteer in                 community activities and fundraisers.

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