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Thank you for taking the time to look into quality martial arts training for your child. You have most likely heard before that martial arts training develops confidence, self-discipline, focus and self-esteem. After looking at the statement above you may be thinking how can punching and kicking teach your child the above. Well I'm here to tell you in more ways then you can begin to imagine!


My name is Dan Nou and I’m the founder of Master Dan Studio here in beautiful Coquitlam British Columbia. Master Dan Studio has been the premier children’s martial art studio since 2004.


For decades now I’ve been empowering children like yours with the character building tools found only in martial arts. No other sport can match them.

As a consultant, I am accustomed to parents asking me what specific steps they can take to ensure their child’s happiness and success as much as possible.


I have found that nothing builds a child’s confidence, meets their need to belong, feel special, enhances their focus, concentration and prepares them for life’s challenges as martial arts training does.


Martial arts training is the only children’s activity that places much more emphasis on building good manners, respect and strong character than on developing physical skills. Your child will advance in belt rank only when they are being courteous and respectful. This has to be seen both in school as well as home when their parents and teachers inform our studio.


The good news is Master Dan Studio has a proven children's program solution that has already worked for many kids. A series of lessons your child will learn and are easier than you think. Read more >