• Radant RD Homes by M8TRIX5 Development are a collection of modern Luxury Executive 3 bedroom homes in Homes just minutes from Okanagan Lake. 


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    Radant RD Homes

  • Shortage of housing is a major global issue.  To solve this problem the M8TRIX5 team has partnered alongside engineers to field test a proprietary 3D house printing technology.  The team will be 3D printing this 2,500 sqft home using cement.


    This portable 3D print technology can print this size of home in 24 hours.


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    M8TRIX5 Renaissance 3D Capital

  • Over the last three decades, the need for childcare has grown steadily, with the rise in employment rates among women and the corresponding increase in dual-income earner families.  Beyond need, the demand for quality childcare has also increase, due to the potential benefits on peer socialization, school readiness, and numeracy and language skills.

    To solve this problem the M8TRIX5 team has partnered along side educators to fulfill this need and demand.

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    ECE Capital

  • Are you the one of many people that are asset rich and cash-flow poor?  If so, M8TRIX5 LWCH Ventures is one solution to help you generate more cash-flow without having to spend any money from you own pocket.


    What would you do if we're able to help you make up to an extra $30,000/year in cash-flow income?  Learn more >


    LWCH Venture

  • A real estate private equity fund that primarily focuses on investing directly in income-producing residential and commercial real estate.

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    M8TRIX5 CanAsia Real Estate Capital

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