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Never chase the gains. You have to look at the risk.

If you are going to invest…invest with an investor that you know in that space and look at that individual as a person. If that person has a lot to lose (family, character, reputation, license etc…) by scamming you that person will most likely won’t scam you.

If that person has nothing to lose turn the other way and don’t look back.

Investing is risky, risky, risky even for a sophisticated investor. Therefore, don’t just jump in ask someone that you know and trust in the space and take it step by step.

If you are planning to invest your hard earn money into something private message us and M8TRIX5 IBORE Investments will share the experience of the risked involved and if it’s worth the risk.

Our group knows of people that have lost to scammers. They inform our group after the fact and we always say to them "Why didn’t they come to us first before they invested."

Their response “The investment sounded so good that I fell for it.”

Anyways, our group is here to help you keep your hard earn money from scammers and ensure it’s invested in the place. Be careful with your hard earn money out there.

We are here to help


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