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Contemporary Australian Home

M8TRIX5 laneway homes

Maximizing space  without limits

Great design is about form, function, and flow.

Maximize square footage

Whether it's a one-bedroom, one-bathroom laneway home or a two-bedroom, two-bathroom laneway home.


A solution will be created specifically for your property and its unique design.

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New Home

Are laneway homes worth it?

Laneway houses on the property have a higher resale value and a higher property value. It has the potential to increase the return on investment on your primary residence.

Finally, a laneway house can generate rental income ranging from $1,800 to $2,300 per month.

Finishing Touches

Laneway home size

Laneway homes can range between 700 to 1000 sqft.  Consisting of 1 to 2 bedrooms, 1 to 2 bathrooms, and up to 2 garages variation based on land size qualifications.

Laneway Home.JPG
Laneway Home.JPG
Working Together


Laneway homes build are stressful, but we can help!  We can make your laneway home build process stress-free in 4 simple steps.  Start your laneway home build from $1,000 per month.

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Start Your Journey


Contact us today to discuss your custom 

home ideas



Let's get to know each other and discuss your vision to design and build a custom home.

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