Give an individual a job they'll just survive.

Teach an individual how to make money by leveraging real estate, digital, telecommunication technology, and security by using a successful business model. They will not only thrive but be set for a lifetime.


M8TRIX5 Dealer Opportunity


Why M8TRIX5?

With M8TRIX5 you don't represent just any products or services, we focus on industries (Real Estate, Digital, Telecom/Tech, and Security) that people know, understand, need, and use every day.



Why Offer The Opportunity?

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on advertising platforms that only benefit large corporations. M8TRIX5's founder believes in growing a business the old fashion way, which is through referrals and rewarding those that refer.


"Referal marketing is the best way to grow M8TRIX5 because it's a win-win for everyone involved!"

- Dan Nou | M8trix5 Founder



How Does It Work?

When someone you refer becomes a M8TRIX5 customer, you get paid one time or month after month depending on the product or service. As long as they remain on the service or for the term of their agreement.


Ready to get started and make money in real estate, digital, telecom/technology, and security?


Many people go into business unsure, alone, and with little to no support. This is not the case as a M8TRIX5 Dealer.  Not only do we work as a team. We'll give you the tools, resources, training, and support you'll need to ensure your success.

Who Are M8TRIX5 Dealers?

Individuals that are wanting to start their own successful business.  Those that have a passion for helping solve other peoples problems and making good income as a result.  


Vision Statement 

"Why spend thousands of dollars on large marketing/advertising corporations when we can payout to those that mean the most to us. The people that refer us."



Dealer Mission Statement

"To build wealth by offering solutions to people that need it most."


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