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M8TRIX5 Business Consulting & Coaching helps your business attain maximum profitability.  The number one goal we focus on is helping you develop with our effective programs in all various stages to better your business. Our business consultant and coach, Dan Nou has over 20 years of experience in several industries throughout his own companies. To learn about Dan and his experiences, visit ( and follow him on LinkedIn.




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How I achieved 550% + return on investment for my daughter's education fund.





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How I achieved 550% + return on investment for my daughter's education fund.

Here is my story.

In the fall of 2020, one of the banks we deal with asked my wife and me to come in and see if we would like to invest in an RESP account for our daughter who is 10 years old. The rep said that if we contribute a total of $50,000, in the next 8 years we will receive an extra $7,200 on top of our contribution, totaling $57,200 to put towards our child's university education.

I confirmed with the rep that if we give the bank $50,000 we will have no control of where or how our money is used. He confirmed that is correct.

Personally, that doesn't fit well with me.  

As an investor, I looked at my $50,000 return on investment over the eight years. I took $7,200 and divided it by $50,000 = 0.144 or 14.44%. I then divided the 14.44% by eight years and it works out that I would receive 1.81% interest gain per year. Not a very impressive return.


As I'm crunching all these numbers in my head, my wife is wanting to move ahead with the RESP investment until I spoke up and said that we will discuss this as a family first before we make any financial commitments. 


We left the bank and I told my wife that I'm not going to go ahead with this RESP Investment. I explained to her the two reasons above and concluded that I will not commit to it. My reason why of doing so is because I can get our daughter a much higher return on our hard earn cash from my investment experience. I did inform her that if you still want to go ahead and give the bank your money go right ahead but I will not be.

Long story short my wife trusted me and she did not invest her cash in the RESP. I allocated some funds for our daughter and decided to invest myself. Below you will see the return on my investment thus far for our daughter's university education...


I invested $5,269.85 for my daughter in Oct of 2020 and as of Feb 2021, the return on my investment is $35,370.00.


That is a $30,100.15 gain which is a 571.18% return on my original investment.

If you are interested in achieving these types of results, join me in our 550 plus online seminar.

I will educate you on how you can achieve these similar results from start to finish and more.


I work hard for my money and I'm sure you do too but it's time to also work smart for it as well. There are only 5 spaces for this 550 + online seminar. Reserve your online spot today!

Dan Nou



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